A Clammy Sunset: Discovery Park Seattle, WA

I recently visited Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington to catch some brilliant sunset scenery with my camera. Upon reaching my destination to snap some pictures I realized the tide was going out and what seemed like water being projected up from out of the recently uncovered shoreline. 
I investigated and to my amazement i realized that clams were the culprit for what seemed like water being spit from the ground.
Instead of taking pics i quickly tried my best to take a time lapse video of the sunset with the clams doing there thing!
Enjoy this amateur video!!

Some info on shellfish
Washington state shellfish
Discovery Park


January Sun on Mt Pilchuck

Looking south at Mt Rainier

It's the middle of winter in the PNW of the U.S. January 25th to be exact. The sun is out and air temps are in the high 50's. 
Its a day like this that us hikers jump at the chance to get out and explore in winter.
My old best friend , David, was in town. Just like the days of playing endlessly outside when we were both young we drew our eyes on Mt. Pilchuck.
The parking lot was packed on arriving. Not a shocker as their rarely is a day it's not. This goes for the heather lake trail as well which is on the way to Pilchuck. But i couldn't blame them..... great minds think alike!
Mt Pilchuck's fire lookout looking east
Pilchuck is on the eastern edge of the cascades. Perfectly perched for views of the north and central cascades along with the Puget Sound. Don't forget views of the Olympic Mountains, Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Glacier Peak. It's not a coincidence that at the top of 2.7 miles awaits a fire lookout.
David and I met a fellow hiker at the summit and ended up hiking back down with her. I've met and had many great conversations with fellow hikers on the trail. It never gets old and i look forward to the next experience.
Great views, great conversation, great friends and a great Sunday with my best friend!
David admiring the cliff edge
looking west

Glacier Peak looking west

Fire lookout with the Puget Sound and Olympic mountains, looking east

Cloud cover over the Puget Sound and the south Olympic Mtns

North side of Pilchuck ,looking west

Three Finger Mountain, looking north

Mt Baker, looking north