Snoqualmie timelapse and 360 view video

Here for your enjoyment is two videos taken from the summit of Snoqualmie Mountain located in the Central Cascades of Washington State.
The first is a timelapse video and the second is a full 360 view from the summit.
Enjoy the videos but please get out there and discover it for yourself!!


Climbing Snoqualmie Mountain

Looking east from the summit

In my prep for climbing Mt Shasta i needed a tough mountain hike with a steep elevation per mile ratio. I've heard of many people using Mailbox Peak for practice. But i opted for a better and higher view, Snoqualmie Mountain! 

The Y in the trail. Stay left!
Snoqualmie Mountain sits perched above the Snoqualmie pass area at 6,278 ft. The trailhead a quick 5 minutes off I-5 and is located just south of the famous and more used Snow lake trailhead. There is no trailhead sign but an obvious trail is visible which ascends up what looks like to be an old overgrown gravel road. 

Getting close to the summit
The trail starts ascending from the beginning and goes up fast as it needs to climb over 3,100 vertical feet in 3.3 miles. There's plenty of roots and rocks to climb. The lower portion has several parts of the trail which are in the middle of a creek bed but the creek was dry this June.
The view from the summit is amazing as it's the highest mountain in the pass area. Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, Glacier Peak, Mt Adams, Mt Stuart and the jagged central cascade peaks are all visible on a clear day! It's a must for all peak baggers and day hikers!
The southern rock cliffs of the mountain

Looking NW at Snow lake and Chair Peak from the summit

Looking west from the summit

Looking south at Snoqualmie Pass and Mt Rainier from the summit

Looking SE from the summit

Looking east from the summit

Looking north from the summit

Close up of Mt Hinman

Close up of Mt Stuart

Close up of Glacier peak

Close up of Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Western Trillium
Trillium ovatum

Red Columbine
Aquilegia formosa