Visiting Zion National Park

My girlfriend and i took advantage of a companion fare from Alaska Airlines and headed down to Vegas for the weekend!!!
It was near midnight as we drove through the people packed Vegas strip on our way to our hostel.  Driving through the strip took forever but to our full enjoyment!!! Pulling in to Sin City Hostel, very much recommended, we were cheerfully greeted by a happy tourist passing out free Budweiser. After settling into the hostel we set out for Fremont St. We walked the street and enjoyed the festivities and music along with a tasty couple of pizza slices then back to the hostel. But no gambling. Vegas was actually not what we came for!!!
Zion national Park has been on our list of national parks for some time. With spring time being the best time to visit we launched our attack. The weather was in the mid 90's in Vegas to high 80's in Zion. The heat was great compared to drizzly cool Seattle. We enjoyed filling up on vitamin D the whole trip!! 

Our view of the Virgin River from Angel's Landing

Saturday we drove north from Vegas and into Zion National Park. Zion National Park is perfectly set up for tourists. Visiting is fun and simple to navigate. The bus ride is relaxing while the canyon wall landscapes grab your attention the whole ride. Your head may be a little sore from lifting your chin up the whole ride.
Along the ride are many stops with viewpoints and trail heads from easy to moderately hard.
Angel's landing is a must!!!

3/4 of the way up to Angel's Landing

Angel's Landing has sweeping views of the Virgin river along with the gigantic canyon walls. Its not for the faint of heart as the steep cliffs straddle you on both sides. Railings and chains attached to the rock wall help stabilize the queasy feelings you may get.
Another must do.... The Narrows!

The Narrows near the south entrance
We rented from neoprene boots with two hiking sticks and up the river we waded and hiked. The steep walls go straight up the slot canyon as it is almost full of the Virgin River's swift waters. 

Huge rock in the Narrows. This didn't end well!!
One of the deepest parts of the Narrows
It can be a balancing act!

While we only had a weekend to explore we're already thinking about going back as there's so much to explore in Zion!!!!


Yakima Sunrise Timelapse

While tent camping along the Yakima River two weeks ago i played around with a timelapse app on my phone called Timelapse Pro. My camera doesn't take great videos but it's still worth a post.
My phone died half way through the sunrise next time i'll capture it all!
There's nothing like watching a sunrise!!!