Heading up

Back in November before the snow started to fly a friend and I hiked up to Vesper Lake. I had seen pics of the area and it looked amazing! Now that I've been there i can honestly say the pics don't do justice to the craggy peaks, granite rock and Vesper Lake's small but beautiful basin.
It's worth a day hike. It's short enough to be a good half day hike and enough beauty to explore all day.
We decided against climbing Vesper Peak as the weather started to change as rain was blowing in. 
The round trip mileage is only 7 miles but elevation is a good 2,800 feet in only 3.5 miles. Don't let this stop you. Take your time and enjoy it all!
Now that 2016 is here I'm planning to go backpacking into the area. 
Vesper Peak looks like maybe setting up a bivy on or near the peak is very doable. 
Big Four Mountain, Sperry Peak and Morning Star Peak are all near, above 6,000 and climbable. Vesper Lake looks deep enough to hold fish and Copper lake may be a nice day excursion!!
There's always more to explore!
Who's going with me?

Looking back down to the trailhead

Heading up to Headlee Pass

Just pass Headlee Pass looking up to Vesper Peak

Vesper creek with Vesper Peak on the left

Vesper Lake

Vesper creek with Morning Star Peak in the distance

Glacier Peak peaking it's head out



Very fall i always come across numerous pictures of the beautiful larch tree on FB, Twitter and Instragram from fellow hikers. But not once have i ever seen for myself their pure beauty.
This year changed that and it was about time.  I've been hiking since 2006 finally the long foolish Larch holdout ended.
My first adventure into larch territory was in the amazing Enchampments. My second adventure was the modest but short day hike to Lake Engalls.
If your a hiker or outdoor photographer Lake Engalls is a must.
The day my friend Hannah and I hiked the trail was not the best fall day to say the least but worth it all. 
We were hoping to catch the weather between storms and hoping we were far enough east the weather would hold out!
Not the case. I've never been so cold and wet, and I'm sure i can speak for Hannah also, as we got caught on the hike out in a blustery rain storm which blew down a few trees along the trail. 
All in all though, we discovered an amazing spot that we'll definitely have to explore in further detail in 2016.

Lake Engalls

Lake Engalls

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