Lincoln City, Oregon has plenty of ocean beaches to sink your toes into.
It also has a nearby 66 ft waterfall so when the rain starts to fall or the heavy fog smothers the ocean view head inland for a quick 3 mile hike to view Drift Creek falls.

The trail is short, downhill and full of lush shades of green from ground to sky.
Run or slowly swing across the 250 foot swinging bridge as the roar of the waterfall echoes of the rocks.



With only 490 feet of elevation gain, heading back to your car, the trail is perfect for a family adventure.
There use to be a lovely pool below the falls wear one could wade in and cool off from the summer heat. In 2014 when i visited the falls the pool is non-existent as a huge apart of the cliff split off and collapsed into the pool.
More info on Drift creek falls:


Miles: 3 miles roundtrip
Elevation gain: 490 ft, down first
trail number: 1378
Best use: day hike, picnic, kid friendly
Land: Siuslaw National Forest
Permit: NW Forest Pass required or $5
Parking lot amenities: large parking lot, bathroom


Park Butte Lookout, Mt Baker

Wanna stare straight into the glory of Washington State's 3rd tallest mountain?
Then hike up to Park Butte lookout for a long stare off!!!! 
Mt Baker from Park Butte Lookout trail
Last weekend was cold but also clear so i headed up to the North Cascades for a quick day hike. 
Park Butte Lookout trail runs 3.6 miles long with the final destination obviously being an old fire lookout. 
Red Breasted Sapsucker
Sphyrapicus ruber
The views are outstanding!!! Mt Baker dominates the northern skies while endless mountains nestle in along the skyline to the east and south. Glacier Peak can be scene along with the rugged Picket Range. To the south the Twin Sister Mountains should catch another long stare. 

The Twin Sisters from Park Butte Lookout
Park Butte Lookout is not used anymore as an lookout but rather a place to stay for anyone who loves endless stars and peaks to gaze at. Its first come first serve. Inside the lookout is seems as if the rangers just got up and left. Your the ranger now. If your fortunate to eyeball  clear skies, a fire is hard to miss.
Mt Baker(r) Colfax Peak(m) and Lincoln Peak(l)

The trailhead has plenty of parking which is great but not if your looking for solitude, come early. There's plenty of wilderness campsites below the lookout but bring a tent just in case the lookout is full. This trail is still 5 stars for all you outdoor hermits!!
Looking east into the Picket Range

Park Butte Lookout

Looking southeast from the lookout
Mt baker snoqualmie National forest site
National Historic Lookout registar
Skagit Alpine Club

Trail #: 603
Best use: backpacking, day hiking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding
Miles: 7.2 miles roundtrip
Elevation gain: 2,100 ft gain
Map: Green trails 13S
Land: Mt Baker National Recreation Area
Permit required: NW forest pass for parking lot
Wilderness campsites: Cathedral camp .8 miles from lookout
Regulations: No fires
Parking Lot amenities: Toilets, plenty of parking, campsites
Wildlife scene: Red caped sapsucker, chickadee
Water along trail: Yes