Mount Roosevelt 360 view via video

Snow lake from Mount Roosevelt

Just west above Gem lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness lays Mount Roosevelt .
Sitting at 5,835 its one of the tallest mountains around Gem lake and sits nestled next to the tallest peak in the area Kaleetan Peak at 6,259.
The climb up from Gem lake is short but requires some steep scrambling up rocks ledges and through brush. Its a definite side trip once at Gem lake.
Here's the 360 view from the top:



Spring Wildflowers of the Enchampments

Lyall's Mariposa Lily
Calochortus lyallii

The Enchampments are simply splendid. Huge craggy peak after peak ascend above a pristine lake and tarn filled high valley basin!! 
There's plenty of miles to get to the lake filled basin and even though the landscape of snowy peaks and blue flowing water is the main attraction don't forget about the wildflowers.
I ascended into the enchampments in late May and along the lower and middle section of Snow lake trail wildflowers were blooming in abundance.
As i hiked up the trail the elevation change made a series of different species of flowers blooming.
I may have named some of these plants wrong, if so please let me know. There are several i couldn't identify, again if you know their names please let me know. 
Here they are, enjoy:

Slender Hawkweed?
Hieracium gracile

Achillea millefolium

Arctic Lupine
Lupinus arcticus

Elmera racemosa

Hooker's Onion?
Allium acuminatum

Ceanothus velutinus

Nootka Rose
Rosa nutkana

Spring Gold
Lomatium utriculatum


Tweedy's Lewisia
Lewisia tweedyi

False Solomon's Seal
Smilacina racemosa

Common Red Paintbrush
Castilleja miniata

A type of Paintbrush

Harsh Paintbrush
Castilleja hispida

Tweedy's Lewisia
Lewisia Tweedyi


False Bugbane
Trautvetteria caroliniensis

Hooker's Fairybells
Disporum hookeri

Dull Oregon Grape
Mahonia nervosa

Mountain Arnica
Arnica latifolia

Amelanchier alnifolia

Some kind of colorful fungus on a Douglas maple leaf
Acer glabrum

Golden Columbine
Aquilegia flavescens

Black Gooseberry
Ribes lacustre

Tall Mountain Shootingstar
Dodecatheon jeffreyi

Tall Bluebells
Mertensia paniculata


Sticky Currant?
Ribes viscosissimum




Yellow Fawn Lily
Erythronium grandiflorum

Calypso bulbosa

Field Mustard Rape
Brassica campestris

Silky Phacelia
Phacelia sericea