Mt Shasta via two timelapses

On a recent trip to summit Mt Shasta i fooled around with my camera, and fooling around is all it really is, with the time lapse function. 
Then yet again i fooled around at home making this cheesy video slideshow. 
But hey i enjoy fooling around!

Music artist in slideshow: The Appleseed cast
                    Album: Sagarmatha
                      Song: Like the locust (shake hands                                 with the dead)
   Check them out: 


Our Story of Conquering Mt Shasta (youtube video)

I had the privilege to climb along with the FANTASTIC FOUR  to the top of 14,162 foot Mt Shasta this year in June. 

I couldn't have made it up without each one of them!! Thanks Ben, Debbie, Kelly and David!!

Thanks to David "man thighs" Smith for putting in the time to make this awesome video slideshow so all can share in our journey to the top! 

David.... your a close brother, best friend, accountability partner, childhood friend and with high alpine air now within our lungs we'll conquer the next mountain together!!

Let the story begin!!