At least once a year a I have to visit Mt Rainier if not more. The majestic mountain is so prominent looming above it's surroundings that it's a joy to get high and just relax your eyes on it's snow capped slopes.
It was my first time up to Rainier this year and i wanted to get some time lapse videos of moving clouds over Rainier.
So i headed up to Mowich lake on Mt Rainier National park's NW side. From Mowhich lake there's a short 7.5 mile round trip hike up to Tolmie Peak lookout. From the lookout you have a great vantage point to gaze upon Rainier. 
Most people stop at the lookout but the true Tolmie Peak is just a little farther and offered me solitude.
The clouds were finally clearing at dusk

I set up shop on Tolmie Peak as the clouds slowly started to dissipate. The weather called for the clouds to clear in the evening. The clouds were doing just that but slower than i wanted. So i took a short relaxing nap.
Upon waking up I took several videos hoping the mountain would reveal it's self ......but nothing. On my last video my battery died just as the tip of Rainier was being revealed. Bummer!!!!!!
On the hike out, which was earlier than i planned, i hiked by a fellow photographer who's camera was humming away. He also was capturing some time lapses.
All in all a great beautiful relaxing day!! 
The below pictures were taken mostly with my camera phone.

Fresh Huckleberries from the trail

Eunice lake with the lookout above

Looking down on Eunice lake

A Gray Jay hanging out giving me photography tips

Tolmie Fire Lookout

Mt Rainier finally revealing itself

Mt Rainier from up in the lookout

Mt Rainier from the lookout

Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush

The trail just above Lake Eunice

Tolmie fire
lookout from Tolmie Peak


Our Story of Conquering Mt Shasta (youtube video)

I had the privilege to climb along with the FANTASTIC FOUR  to the top of 14,162 foot Mt Shasta this year in June. 

I couldn't have made it up without each one of them!! Thanks Ben, Debbie, Kelly and David!!

Thanks to David "man thighs" Smith for putting in the time to make this awesome video slideshow so all can share in our journey to the top! 

David.... your a close brother, best friend, accountability partner, childhood friend and with high alpine air now within our lungs we'll conquer the next mountain together!!

Let the story begin